Charlie Rután - Bagpiper

Charlie can perform affordably for you on many instruments:

* Scottish Highland Pipes in A440, Bb466, & band pitch, (Hutcheon, Hardie, Atherton, & Strathmore. 1920s-2010's)  

* Irish Uilleann Pipes full concert set in D, (Seth Gallagher, 2002)

* Italian Zampogna in G & D  (Ricci 2006)  & Neapolitan 6 (Citera 2010),  Ciaramella & Friscaletti. 

* French Cornemuse in G: (Blanc, 2009), in D: (Galleazzi, 2018) and A410 Baroque Musette (Addison, 1986)

Charlie performs affordably for you in: 

MacNaughton & McCleod  tartans in Full Dress Uniform,  Semi formal & Day wear Kilt uniforms; other situational concert attires.

Charlie performs Nationally and Internationally:  Based in Philadelphia; will travel the USA, Canada, & Western Europe by special arrangement.

Current Professional Affiliations and Memberships:

AFM Local # 77.  ASCAP.   Circolo Dell’ Zampogna