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Solo Pipers 

Piper & Drummer 

Uilleann Pipes
5 /6 Piece Micropipeband®

Recording Studio Services

You call- we come, we pipe.

Funerals   Parades   Weddings   Corporate   Sports

Private and Public Events of all sorts  

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🇮🇹ZAMPOGNARI di FILADELFIA. Italian Zampogna Duo🇮🇹

Bagpipes FAO does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, affiliation, gender, gender orientation, age.  We are pleased to say that all of our customers (over 7500 served since 1996) receive the same prompt, courteous, personalized attention no matter what their piping needs. It is our long-standing policy to make every effort to ensure that you will be satisfied with our service, and our sincere wish to provide you with the very best in Pipers. 


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