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THANK YOU for using BagpipesFAO!

In the past we sent you annual prices directly; with detailed prices for  families anticipated needs.

However,  because "One size fits all"  usually doesn't, 

We now quote all services on an individual basis directly to the Funeral Home.


Payment  in full is due on the day of the service by check to 'BagpipesFAO', or in cash.

PLEASE make any / all checks payable only to “BAGPIPES F.A.O.” 


If you require the family to pay us directly, CASH ONLY FROM THE FAMILY will be accepted on the day of the service. 


We can provide a receipt to the family for cash payments on request. 




Unpaid balances will be pursued by a third-party collection agency to the fullest extent allowable by law. Compounded interest of 1% per calendar day accrues on unpaid balances after fourteen (14) calendar days past service date.

1.) Copyright Law applies. A Bagpipes FAO musician will not, under any circumstances, perform copyrighted material without previously obtained expressed written consent of the copyright holder and/or publisher. Additionally, the venue must provide written proof to BagpipesFAO at least thirty (30) days prior to your scheduled, confirmed event, that their license fee to ASCAP and/or BMI is currently valid and paid in full. Please remember, If the original artist is still living, or if it's on a commercially available recording or video, odds are its under copyright. There will be No Exceptions to this policy whatsoever


2.)Weather, Disaster & Animal Policy: The show must go on, however, we cannot legally send our employees into dangerous and/or harmful situations We endeavor to fulfill the contracted service until roads are impassable, or unsafe conditions prevail in your venue. We offer constant contact as much as possible throughout any severe situation. Since animals react unpredictably to the bagpipe, BagpipesFAO will not work in conjunction with animals. Any and all animals at the venue must be fully restrained during our musician's time onsite.


3.) Insurance & Liability: If your chosen venue requires all subcontractors to show valid certificate of general comprehensive liability and/or workers compensation insurance: contact BagpipesFAO ASAP. We offer alternatives for such situations, however, we have no control over any additional fees that may apply. 


4.) BAGPIPES FAO does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, affiliation, gender, gender orientation, disability, age or any other applicable categories that may be so defined. We are pleased to say that ALL our customers receive the same prompt courteous attention no matter what their piping needs. We make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our service. It has been our pleasure to bring quality, affordable piping to Funerals throughout the region, and our sincere wish to serve you with the very best available pipers.


5.)Late arrival: We understand things may run late. An arrival MORE than 1 hr, 15 min later than your stated time, with or without a courtesy call, will subject you to an extra fee. Although WE WILL MAKE EVERY REASONABLE EFFORT to fulfill a late service; it may be impossible for us to wait more than 75 minutes.

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